Thursday, August 14, 2014

Finally, Some Quality Ice Cream!

I love ice cream. However, the lack of high quality ice cream shops in Chicago baffles me. Do Chicagoans not like ice cream? Do we ship the good cartons out? Is the regulation of ice cream shops stifling? I am not even kidding.

I mean, look at this picture of one of the "best" options for ice cream in Chicago according to seriouseats:

Pro tip: If you have to smother your ice cream with cheap, sugary toppings to make it taste better, then it's not the best ice cream. (Not that I wouldn't eat a delicious banana split -- you just don't need the best ice cream to make one.)

Luckily, someone heard me scream for some quality ice cream. Jeni's, one of the top two brands in Columbus has opened its doors in the Chicago area last summer. Even better, the other one of the top two brands (another Ohio-founded and my personal favorite), Graeter's, is considering up to four locations in Chicago! I even saw a Graeter's ad for the first time over the weekend, so hopefully that is signalling a serious entry into the market. Graeter's is already in some grocery stores in the area, but just having one Graeter's ice cream shop would probably double the greatness of Chicago as a city.

I can't wait!

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