Monday, June 24, 2013

The Perfect Body

I thought I was clicking on a video to see Chef Micheal Symon make the perfect summer s'more, but instead I got a chat with The Chew crew about hot topics of the day (I'll transcribe the relevant pieces below, because who knows what video that link will take you to: the video is Chat N' Crew EVF Summer Kickoff). I was pleasantly surprised. Clinton asked the following, leading, question:
Clinton: One third of young women would trade a year of their lives to have a "perfect" body. Now, this was a survey of girls under the age of 25. What do we think about that? Is that completely insane, or would you give up a year of your life for a "perfect" body? 
I am pretty sure he is leading them to talk about self confidence and media stereotypes and how it's great to love yourself just the way you are (that tends to be his thing -- yes, I have seen the show a few times before), but instead he got out of Chef Symon pretty much the exact answer I would have given:
Symon: If you look at it like this, if you're giving up a year, you're probably spending over a year in the gym to acquire the perfect body, so you're probably saving time.
Even better, Chef Batali follows up with this beauty:
Batali: If you're giving up the year, which year are you giving up? Is it the last year? 
Clinton: Yeah, the last year.
Batali: So you're giving up one year of dribbling in the hospital waiting for your family to take care.... I think that's a year I might trade away!
[Audience claps]
Who knew Chefs were so Chicago school in their economic thinking? Although, they already know about the trade off between taste and health and have talked about that before, too, so maybe they are in tune with these kinds of trade offs.

Just another reason to like Chef Symon -- a Cleveland native and winner of the first ever Iron Chef Tournament of Champions!*

* Wait, a minute, since when does YouTube have premium content? That's a good thing! And a blog post for another day.

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