Saturday, March 31, 2012

Why This Blog?

There are three main reasons why I am starting a blog.

1. I feel that one of my primary duties as a graduate student is to think and to write. Ideally, this refers to thinking brand-new, world-view-shifting-because-they're-so-insightful, society-improving ideas and writing publishable papers in top of the line econ journals, but not all my thoughts are of such high quality. This blog is an outlet for writing down some of those other ideas: quick thoughts, interesting observations, and cool results from published academic papers (new and old) I come across.  

2. For some reason, other people want to know what or how I think about certain things (or at least, I think there exists others who do). This blog is a place for those thoughts.

3. It's fun! I don't always think about economics, and this blog is a place to write up miscellaneous musings or comments on topics that interest me.

Why Beta?

I am trying to get right into writing this blog without worrying about details like a catchy title, modern layout, gadgets, posting style or frequency, or other seemingly necessary features. So, this blog is subject to unannounced changes or termination. Hey, if Google can do it, so can I!


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